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Why PMsquare Upgrade Services

Cognos Analytics delivers a modernized analytics platform with a both/and suite of reporting capabilities.  Cognos Analytics delivers both governed analytics as an enterprise-wide solution, and self-service BI capabilities.  This bi-modal approach makes Cognos Analytics a unique analytics solution.  Plan your Cognos Analytics upgrade with PMsquare – your analytics partner.  Our upgrade services will help you migrate to Cognos Analytics without the headache.


Your Cognos Analytics Upgrade Partner

Our consultants have been guiding clients through Cognos upgrades for almost two decades and have seen it all. We are a trusted Cognos Analytics upgrade partner and have helped many organizations to not only migrate to Cognos Analytics, but to leverage the full breadth of capabilities in the latest version of Cognos.


Technical Expertise

Cognos Analytics delivers several new technology enhancements out of the box, with new capabilities being developed continuously.  We have the technical expertise to leverage the entire suite of new and powerful features from day one.  Explore our blog to read Cognos Analytics technical articles from our consultants.



PMsquare consultants are experts in change management.  Our upgrade services team has comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects and the larger strategy required to leverage all that Cognos Analytics has to offer.  By leveraging our company culture – built around user adoption – our methodology goes beyond the technology to ensure acceptance of Cognos Analytics and the capacity to utilize new functionality.  Read more about who we are.



We are a proven leader in cloud deployments.  As more and more organizations move to the cloud, PMsquare upgrade services can help you successfully deploy Cognos on the cloud.  We can help you modernize your analytics solutions with flexible cloud capabilities.

For clients looking to weigh the benefits of a full cloud or hybrid cloud solution, PMsquare upgrade services is available to review your organizational priorities and help determine which cloud.


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